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Maybe I can help. Take a look at the material on this website to see if you find something you are interested in. Study it out and let it take you deeper into more Adventures in God.

Adventures in God

I am an adventurer. I am frequently out hiking discovering new places and things. My love for adventure has gotten into my spiritual life.

My greatest desire besides knowing God for myself is to teach others the things He has taught me through my years of study, prayer and experience.  I long for people to have a true relationship with God through Jesus and learn HOW TO to know Him as their friend and Savior and Father, as their Counselor and Helper in life, to learn to live in and through Him. I want them to know how to reach Him and receive from Him in every time of trouble as well as in their everyday lives.

My purpose is not to tell you WHAT to do; I want to teach you HOW  TO  DO it.  I have had many truly wonderful and powerful “Adventures in God” through the years that others can also experience. That is the reason for this blog.

How may I help you?


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New Additions

I have just begun to add live teachings listed under the "Videos" tab.

Take a look at the new E-Course Section.  The first course FREE and is on How to be Free From Fear using 2 Timothy 1:7.

Check back later. More courses will be added in time.

Emily Bernardi

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