Spirit of Lawlessness

I have been observing the total rebellion against authority and the actions bordering on anarchy happening throughout our nation. I always try to to find scripture for what is happening in the world and to determine what my response to it should be. I have been thinking about the “Spirit of Lawlessness”. So I looked

God LOVES the World!

God Actually LOVES the People in the World! Most Christians have a way of looking at the world with condemnation – or even at other parts of the Body of Christ that don’t think or believe exactly as they do. They have too much of a “us” and “them” mentality. They give out a sense that

Day of Trouble

Most of us have never lived through a major “Day of Trouble” before in our lives, but our parents or grandparents lived through two major wars and a major depression. Throughout history, there have been many days of trouble, evil days, times of trouble. Many were far, far worse that what we are facing. Civilizations

Sheep & Shepherd

About Shepherds

As I awoke the other morning, all of these scriptures and thoughts began to come to me. A few years ago while praying, I heard, “Most of the church world isn’t at all ready for what I want to do”. Then I saw the Lord shaking the church. He was shaking out tradition. All that