Glory on Earth

What Does the Future Hold?

I think that is the wrong question. The question should be:

WHO does the future hold?

Regarding what is happening in the world, the shouting voices of evil, so many seeming to jump on the bandwagon heading straight into hell – are they going to win? Even many Christians and prophesying destruction and evil and waiting to be removed from this world. But that isn’t going to happen right now. There are too many people that don’t yet know, too many that haven’t yet heard.

What people forget is who our God is. He is a God of mercy. He is a God who hears our prayers, and prayer is going forth in authority as I have never seen it before. I’ve been around a while, an active part of the Church of Jesus for over 45 years, and have heard seen or heard the kind of of desperate, continuous prayer that has been happening recently all over the world, praying for the Lord’s plan and against what the enemies are attempting to do.

He desires that we pray with thanksgiving for all in authority: For this kind of praying is good and right and pleasing to God. This kind of prayer enables us to live a quiet and undisturbed live in all godliness. He desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. The ability for us to lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity is good and acceptable to God and is a godly atmosphere where the gospel can be spread. (1 Timothy 2:1-5)

People forget the power of God as shown in the Bible and neglect to take into account how many times He came through supernaturally and amazingly for His people in times of trouble. He is the same God today and will do the same today. The God of miracles, sign and wonders, and present help IS the God of the Bible – and OUR GOD. Any other God is not the true God.

He still wants to show the world that He is God and that He is the most powerful being in Creation. He wants to erase powerless Christianity with its God that lies in wait to punish sin, who they say loves people but present as One who really doesn’t like them much, a God who does evil things to people for some mysterious purpose of His own, a God who seems to be powerless to help, a God that is wimpy and inferior – or even worse is not willing to help and heal.


He wants His glory to be seen throughout the whole world and His salvation to the ends of the earth – in truth and reality and power – not in a religious, traditional way. There are so many people in our nation who have only seen a powerless, religious Christianity and have therefore turned from “God”. But really they have turned from hypocrisy and tradition and the lying pictures of God we have presented.. God desires to show Himself God for all to see. He LONGS for their salvation. He LONGS for the salvation of the whole world. There are many more who will come into the kingdom when they see Him as He really is.

I am excited to watch Him show Himself as the God He really is. These reasons are why I believe evil won’t win and God will prevail and turn things around for us in amazing powerful ways.

Thank you, Lord, I trust in you and will no longer be afraid.

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