Is it the End?

These are some thoughts I have been having and am writing out before the Lord this morning. I thought I would share. I have been hearing some very negative things from people about what is going to happen in this world in the near future – because the Lord is judging the church. He is

Get Closer to God 2

Recently, I went through some practical steps and getting closer to God.  This week I’m going to expand this by talking about how to STAY close to Him and abide ALWAYS in His presence. Below are some facts that are unchangeable, and we can count on them every day.  When we purposely put faith in

Stand in the Gap

Ezekiel 22:29-31 – The people of the land have used oppression and extortion and have committed robbery; yes, they have wronged and vexed the poor and needy; yes, they have oppressed the stranger and temporary resident wrongfully.  And I sought a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the gap

Steps to Know God Better

How Can I Know God Better? Most every Christian I have met wants to know God better.  They want to know Him closely and intimately.  But sometimes they don’t have any specific steps to take to get there. An important step in getting to know God better is to learn from His Word what He

Learn to Pray

Learn to Pray – From the WORD How do we learn to pray? I think the first way most people learn is to listen to others and pray as they do.  This is good in some ways, but if the person you are listening is praying more according to tradition than the Word of God,

Prayer for the Nation

There is much clamor and expressing of all kinds of opinions concerning the coming election.  I thought I would show some of what is going on behind the scenes and show how to pray and believe effectively that the will of God can prevail. Spiritual Battle Requires Spiritual Weapons There are spiritual forces in the

New Prayer Journey

As the seasons change, I always look to the Lord to make adjustments in my daily schedule.  This summer I am adjusting my schedule so that I meet God in prayer every morning at 8 am and do my walking in the evening.  I am taking that time of prayer as seriously as a job.

Glory on Earth

What Does the Future Hold?

I think that is the wrong question. The question should be: WHO does the future hold? Regarding what is happening in the world, the shouting voices of evil, so many seeming to jump on the bandwagon heading straight into hell – are they going to win? Even many Christians and prophesying destruction and evil and

My Prayer for Today

Prayer Strategy So many people are deceived, shouting out their opinions, not looking at the fruit produced by their words – even those who say they know God. They take the side that bears fruit which leads to disorder and every evil thing rather than the side that bears fruit which pure, reasonable, peaceable, gentle,