Knowing God Through Prayer

We spoke the last couple of sessions on what God is like. We studied His character, and we studied some of HIs names. But knowing God through His Word is only the beginning. Knowing what God is like through the Word, is the foundation to a relationship, but we must actually build a structure on

Pray for Rain 2

After years of drought in California, the rain is beginning to fall. The drought has broken. They are forecasting so much rain that it could do damage. We need  spiritual rain strong and powerful enough to do damage the the strongholds of thought and belief the enemy has been beginning to build in our land. The enemy has

How to Know God

Why Should I Know God? First of all, He created you and loves you fiercely.  Second, you were designed to live in fellowship with Him, and without Him, you will never find the highest place designed for you in life. There is nothing more important or valuable in life than getting to know God personally