Spiritual Gifts in Prayer

I awoke this morning with the thought of gifts manifestations of the Holy Spirit in prayer. I love to pray for the sake of praying and spending time with God, but when I make a petition, I desire to see results.  I have learned to listen and rely on the help of the Holy Spirit in prayer. This is the only way to get consistent results.

Though I have never heard this taught as using the gifts of the Spirit in prayer, I have heard stories of results in prayer through the help of the Spirit. I also recalled many occasions where I had prayed and not seen full results, but then the Holy Spirit revealed a spiritual force that was blocking things, and I removed it and then the full results came. Other times He gave me certain words or utterance that made the change happen.  Sometimes He gave words in another tongue that brought the results. Sometimes He give me an proclamation to make in prayer that changes everything.

Yielding to the gifts of the Spirit in your prayer life enables you to do what can’t be done without Him and get answers that would never be gotten and make changes in people’s lives and in the world around you that need to be made for God’s will to happen.

God gave us the gifts of the Spirit to be part of all that we do in life, and without them we are only partially fulfilling His will.  His will on earth CAN’T be done without all of the gifts and manifestations and provisions He made. He gave these things on purpose – because we NEED them to do what needs to be done.

We are like children; we only know in part, and that part isn’t always enough to get the job done.  We need the help and revelation and utterance of the Spirit to be effective in life and in prayer. We don’t know as we ought to know.  As much as we know, as much as we are educated and experienced in the word and in the spirit, we don’t always know what needs to be done, what needs to be said, what needs to be prayed.

Only with His help and inspiration can we move beyond the natural world of what we see and know and understand and make changes that need to be made below the surface to make way for the changes to happen in the outward realm.

We may know His will, say for healing, but we don’t know what is causing the sickness or lack, what might be blocking the healing. So  just praying for healing might not be enough.

We need the help of the Holy Spirit in prayer to get the results. We don’t pray just to pray. We pray to change things. We pray to get results. We pray that God’s will in heaven may be manifest on earth. And God has set this all up.  He decided we need His Spirit. He gave us the gifts of the Spirit because we need them. We will never get the results on earth we need without using all of the help and provision that He gave, that He thinks we need. The world can’t be fully won without the fullness of the Spirit and the gifts that He gives.

This is one of the main reasons the church has been ineffectual and has, in fact. turned many from the truth. People were born for power and presence and reality, and if they don’t think it is in God, they will go elsewhere.  The church became known as almost powerless and ineffective (and boring) to the world. Much of it is very outward and superficial.

Before I came to know the Lord in truth, my perspective of the Christian church was that is was poor, ineffectual, boring, full of sad, can’t do anything, weak, second-class kind of people.  But in truth we serve the God who created all, who is full of power and effectiveness, who has wisdom to solve any problem, who loves people and is willing and able to help them through and out of whatever they are in that keeps them from fullness of life. Only as we begin living and moving in the supernatural, in all of the gifts and provisions that God has given for the Church will they see Him and realize He is what they have been searching for all of their lives.


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